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IB Asia Pacific Newsletter

Quarter One, 2008

Primary Years Programme

Activities in the PYP

With approximately 325 interested, candidate and authorized

PYP schools, we have much activity planned for the first six

months of this calendar year which includes:

- 39 Regional Workshops in Jakarta, Adelaide, New Delhi, HK,

   Sydney and Bangkok

-  72 in- school workshops

-  77+ visits (evaluation, authorization, preauthorization,


-  consultation visits

During April/May we will be facilitating workshop leader training

for teachers from throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Regional mangers will also be attending  regional

Network/Association meetings in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong

Kong, NZ  and Australia. We need to acknowledge the wonderful

work of the secretaries/organizers/leaders of these various

networks who provide invaluable support for schools in their

area and beyond. They are truly putting the Learner Profile into


New Publications and Workshops to support Schools with

the written curriculum

The latest publication from IBCA “Developing a

Transdisciplinary Programme of Inquiry” is now available

to all PYP schools on the OCC. This includes: Guidelines for

developing a school’s programme of inquiry, a new sample

programme of inquiry and 5 sample planners.  This invaluable

resource provides clear guidance to schools as they develop,

review and modify the programme of inquiry as well as

identifying the connections between the subject-specific scope

and sequences and the POI.

An additional support for schools relating to standard C, is a

new workshop module, “The Written Curriculum and the PYP”.

This workshop was delivered for the first time in the Asia Pacific

region in Adelaide in January 2008 and will be offered again at

the Regional Workshops in Hong Kong in March. Schools are

also able to request this as an in-school workshop. It is a very

relevant workshop to host at a whole school level, as it is vital

that all staff, need to be involved in the development of the

written curriculum.

A reminder to all schools, that rather than having just four

mailing dates a year from IBCA, they will be publishing

documents monthly on the OCC (http://occ.ibo.org/).  You’ll be

able to see what has been published, by month and 

programme, from the “Latest publications” link on every subject

area homepage.

General Reminders about Workshops

In-school workshops


We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful pool of

exceptional PYP practitioners who are willing to collaboratively

plan and facilitate regional and in-school workshops in order to

meet the specific needs of schools. This planning and facilitation

takes many hours which the workshop leaders that have day to

day school responsibilities have to organize this in their own

time. Recently some workshop leaders have been experiencing

difficulties from schools with regard to payment for flights,

expenses and the honorarium. It is most important to

emphasize that schools need to provide reimbursement to

workshop leaders during the facilitation of the workshop or as

soon as possible after. Workshop leaders should not be

expected to have debts on credits cards as a result of the

workshop, weeks and in some cases months after the workshop

has been facilitated. We thank those schools who have been

efficient and supportive in ensuring that workshop leaders are

reimbursed for their costs.


It is most important that schools provide accurate information to

the regional office, regarding the number of participants for an

in-school workshop. We are careful to provide sufficient

workshop leaders (1:20 approx) for the number of participants.

In order to ensure that the needs of the participants are met

and the pedagogy of the programme is modeled, it is vital that

the information provided is accurate. Workshop leaders prepare

thoroughly according to the  request sent to the regional office.

Workshop leaders should not be expected to work with more

teachers than indicated in the request. If the numbers of

participants change due to circumstances, please let the

regional office know so that we can meet the needs of your


Regional workshops

Schools are reminded to place teachers on the waiting list if a

workshop is full. In several cases recently we have been able to

open extra workshops in response to the number of teachers on

the waiting list.

In order to meet the needs of all participants in the workshop it

is essential that when registering teachers for regional

workshops the participant criteria, is carefully considered.

Registration lists are checked prior to the workshops and

participants contacted if they do not fit the criteria. If you have

any questions regarding the criteria for workshop registration,

do not hesitate to contact one of the managers for further


Mignon Weckert, PYP Regional Manager

Tania Lattanzio, PYP Associate Regional Manager

Mario Gauci, PYP Associate Regional Manager

Bill Fenton, PYP Associate Regional Manager

Rajeevani Constantine, Personal Assistant

Email: ibappyp@ibo.org



Regional Workshops

8 - 10 February 2008 New Delhi, India


Understanding aspects of assessment during the Assessment in the PYP


Understanding aspects of collaboration during the Collaborative Planning in the PYP


Introduction for Administration and Coordinators new to the PYP


An inquiry during the Teaching and Learning in the PYP workshop


Fishbowl exercise on Reading and Writing through inquiry workshop